Young Icons

In this children’s TV series, courageous kids and talented teenagers show viewers just what it takes to be a young icon in today’s world. Whether they’re eight years old or just getting their learner’s permit, the drive and ambition of these juniors is sure to inspire.


With countless exclusive celebrity interviews, Entertainers has been dishing out the real scoop on Hollywood’s latest projects, upcoming releases, and secret backstage details for over 20 years. Truly a first-class ticket to all things entertainment.

Mr. Box Office

Much like every Hollywood heavyweight to hit the red carpet, film star Marcus Jackson thought he was invincible — until he loses his temper and attacks the paparazzi. To his dismay, Marcus (Bill Bellamy) is sentenced to community service and is forced into a role he never expected: a high school teacher. An unruly and vivacious bunch, the students at South Central High are last in math, last in reading, but number one in crime.

Joined by a comedic dream team, Bill Bellamy lights up the small screen with his razor-sharp wit and impeccably timed delivery. The group’s satirical chemistry radiates as Marcus balances the challenging world of academia with the demands of his incessant agent and the mishaps of his roommates.

The First Family

The Johnsons are just like every family — except that they live in the White House. Patriarch William Johnson (Christopher B. Duncan) runs his family, his household…and the country. In between making political decisions, President Johnson must juggle family time with his wife Katherine, his father Alvin and children Charles and Olivia.

Further adding to the chaos is the President’s sister-in-law, Pauletta, who engages in non-stop verbal battles with Alvin and never fails to deliver her first-class sass. But the biggest challenge for President Johnson is his conflicting roles as husband, father and President that run him straight into the ground.

The Conspirancy Show

Richard Syrett hosts one‐on‐one interviews and debates. These are intensive, thoughtful explorations of conspiracy culture and paranormal phenomena. All episodes are introduced in studio and transition into in depth discussion and in‐field interviews.

The quality and focus of the interviews are designed to reflect the intimate and intensive relationships with guests and viewers that Richard’s radio audience has grown to expect of him.

The episode wraps up with a “mail‐bag” solicited for the TV series from Richard’s radio program; Directorial style, extensive in‐field original, B‐roll and graphic effects support and complement the content.

Walter 100%

Charming, funny, and irreverent, Walter bumbles his way through hilarious situations while trying to right environmental wrongs. A mix of Charlie Chaplin and Mr. Bean, this broad physical comedy series with special effects has a highly unusual star. A cartoon character comes to life while relying on "green" tricks up his sleeve to get out of complicated situations!